4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for a Jeweler to Help You Buy an Engagement Ring

The best thing you can do when you are shopping for an engagement ring is to seek out a professional jeweler to help you. You can still shop in local jewelry stores, but enlist the help of the jeweler inside the store to help you choose the perfect ring. And you don't want to just work with any jeweler in the closest store. Instead, take the time to visit a few different stores and speak with the jewelers. Then ask yourself these 4 questions to find a great jeweler to help you make one of the biggest and most important purchase's you'll ever make in your life: an engagement ring.

1. How long has this jeweler been in business?

When shopping for a jeweler for an engagement ring, you are looking for someone you can build a lasting relationship with. So you should consider jewelers who have been in the business for several years. Also consider how long the jewelry store has been in business and what their reputation is. The longer a jewelry store has been in business and the length of time a jeweler has been employed will most likely they mean they will have fantastic references and will be around for many years. You want to do business with a jeweler and a store that will be around for a while in case the ring you buy needs maintenance in the future.

2. Is this jeweler knowledgeable?

You are looking for a jeweler who can easily answer your questions with confidence, because he or she is, after all, the expert. If the jewelry you are speaking with can't answer your question, then he or she should be able to seek out someone else in-house who can. If you speak with a salesperson who can't or refuses to answer a question, then walk away.

3. Does the jeweler really listen to you?

When you are shopping for a jeweler, you need to build trust in that person. The first step is to find someone who will listen to you. Instead of trying to sell you the most expensive engagement ring in the store, regardless of what style you are looking for, the jeweler should be focusing on the bride's style, desires, and needs. He or she should show you a variety of rings that meet these requirements to help you narrow down your choices. Never walk out of a jewelry store feeling overwhelmed. If you do, then that is not the jeweler for you.

4. Does this jeweler educate you about engagement rings?

A good jeweler will walk you through the process of choosing the best diamond for your price range. He or she should educate you on the 4C's, so you will be able to admire a diamonds true beauty. The jeweler should also let you look at diamonds under a gemological microscope and a full-spectrum diamond light. He or she should also show you a range of stones so you can compare them for color, cut, and clarity.

A really good jeweler will also educate you about the precious metal setting that the diamond will sit in. The metal matters just as much as the diamond. A reputable jeweler won't hesitate to show you the precious metal stamp indicating the karat weight of the gold, which is typically 10K, 14K, or 18K.  Or, the ring may be stamped with PLAT if it is made of platinum.

While you can easily walk into any jewelry store, peer through the glass and choose a ring, and then hand the jewelry store employee a credit card to pay for it, that is usually not the best course of action. Buying fine jewelry requires the help of a trained professional in order to fully understand the precious stone that will be on your spouse's hand for the rest of their life. 

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