What To Look For When Shopping For An Emerald Ring

If you want to get a different type of engagement ring for your finance, a custom designed ring with emeralds can be a beautiful choice for a woman who enjoys color combined with a little sparkle. Here are a few things that you need to look for when shopping for an emerald ring.

#1 Color Of The Emerald

The most important thing when shopping for an emerald ring is the color of the stone. Emeralds, although they are typically thought of as green stones, can have a variety of color tones. Emeralds can be more yellowish green or more bluish green. Make sure you know which color tone of emerald that your finance prefers, as they are very different.

Not only can the color vary, but the color can be more vibrant and light or it can be duller. Neither are necessarily bad, it just depends on if you want a flashier emerald or a more subtle emerald.

#2 Tone Of The Emerald

The second thing that you need to take into consideration is the tone of the emerald. The tone means where it falls between being very light in color and density and very dark. For example, when you hold the emerald up to light, is the stone lighter and more see-through or is it darker and denser.

Although there is generally a preference on the market for darker stones, lighter tone emeralds can be just as beautiful if you want a stone that catches the light a little more.

#3 Saturation

Saturation is kind of a combination of the color and the tone. It is the way that the stone looks ranging from being a very vivid stone to a dull stone. Stones that are rated as high saturation often come with a slightly higher price tag than stones with a lower saturation rating.

Finally, the most important thing is to keep your finance's style and preference in mind. Look at emerald rings with her and get an idea if she likes more green blue or yellow green stones; figure out if she likes stones that are more see-through or denser, duller or flashier. The real key to picking out the best emerald engagement ring is to make sure that the stone matches what your finance wants and would enjoy wearing on her hand for years to come. It is generally best to look at emerald rings in person so you can get a true feel for the color of each individual stone.

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