Suggestions For A Movie Themed Gift Basket

Are you on a mission to find gifts for a loved one who is a movie fanatic? Being that you are buying multiple gifts, consider placing everything inside of a basket that can be neatly wrapped. You can actually give the entire basket a movie theme to show your loved one that a lot of thought was put into his or her gifts. Opt for a basket that can still be used after the gifts are removed, such as one that can be used for displaying fruits on a table. Below, you will find a few suggestions in regards to filling a basket with movie themed gifts.

Purchase a Few of the Common Movie Snacks

If you intend on presenting your friend with a gift basket, don't forget to include a few snacks. You can purchase some of the snacks that are commonly eaten at movie theaters to make the basket more interesting. For example, popcorn is one of the main snacks that movie goers consume, so you might want to purchase a few bags to include in the basket. You can even include a popcorn bucket that mimics the ones that are provided at movie theaters. If you want to include candy, buy the type that is in boxes like in theaters.

Give a Bracelet with Movie Themed Charms

A thoughtful gift that you can give to your loved one is a charm bracelet. The great thing about charm bracelets if that you can pick the type of charms that are placed on it. Even if you buy a bracelet that already has charms, more can be added. You can choose charms that are movie themed, such as popcorn, candy, film projectors, and any other movie themed charms that you are able to find. A charm or other set of handmade bracelets is the type of gift that your friend can enjoy on a long-term basis.

Present a Membership to a Movie Website

There are numerous websites that allows people to watch movies at any time they desire. However a membership is usually required in order to gain access to the most recent movies. If your friend sometimes enjoys watching movies online, consider purchasing him or her a membership to a movie website. Make sure that you choose a popular website that is likely to have movies available that your friend will actually like. Some of the online movie sites will also mail out movies on a rental basis.

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