Shine All Season: Fall And Winter Earrings

As the weather starts to cool down and indoor parties and gatherings fill the void left by summer barbecues, you'll find yourself changing your wardrobe to accommodate the change in seasons, and your jewelry shouldn't be an exception. Choosing styles that bring out the best features in your cool weather wardrobe is sure to get you noticed.

Bold Styles

Trends on the biggest fashion runways are all about bold looks when it comes to jewelry for fall and winter, especially earrings. Choose sharp shapes and mixed geometric patterns featuring squares, triangles and rectangles to add dimension to outfits featuring solid colors or understated patterns. Long danglers with thin metal links or pretty glass beads create a lean silhouette to perfectly balance out boxy fall fashions like large, fringed ponchos or baggy, batwing sweaters. You can't go wrong with classic hoops either, and cozy sweaters and leggings pair perfectly with bigger earrings that would look overdone with airy spring and summer looks.

Subtle Statements

If large and in charge isn't your thing, there are plenty of understated styles appropriate for cooler weather wear. Choose complementary colors and textures, like earth tones and deep reds for fall. Silver and pearly whites invoke a wintery feeling, and even the smaller pieces can add a little sparkle. Season-themed studs add a noticed touch to even basic staples. Opt for leaves in bronze or copper in the fall or rhinestone-studded snowflakes for a festive touch in the winter months.

Holiday Parties

The winter months bring lots of party invitations to your door, but you don't have to empty your wallet to bring a fresh look to your holiday festivities. Changing your jewelry can alter the whole look of an outfit, and earrings are a perfect choice for get-togethers where you'll be socializing and everyone will be looking at your face. Break out your classic diamond studs or choose something new, but whatever you do, don't back down on the sparkle. Parties and formal dinners are your chance to break out your pieces that are too flashy for most everyday looks. If genuine stones aren't in your budget, look for synthetic ones in the colors of the seasons -- bright reds, rich emerald greens and, of course, sparkling white diamond simulants.

When in doubt, seek out an expert. A local jeweler can be an invaluable resource to helping you navigate new trends and decide on a look that'll complement your unique features while still fitting into your budget.

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