Buying a Used Shot Gun? 4 Important Buying Tips

Buying a used shotgun is an excellent way to build your arsenal without breaking your budget. However, to buy a used firearm — you do need to know what you're doing. Learn some excellent buying tips you should always apply when shopping for a used shotgun.

1. Judge the Book by Its Cover

Shopping for a used shotgun is a time when it's completely okay to judge a book by its cover. If you looked at the exterior of a house or car and it looked damage, you assume that its interior is probably in equally bad condition. The same is true when it comes to used firearms. If there is considerable damage to the outside of the firearm, you should continue your search and look elsewhere. 

2. Inspect the Ammunition Guide

Closely examine the ammunition guides, more specifically the length of the barrel and chamber, especially if the shotgun is older. The length of the chamber and barrels of older shotguns are shorter than these lengths in newer firearms. If you plan to actively use the firearm, you might have a bit of a challenge locating the ammunition you need. Given that newer ammunition will not work with its shorter lengths, you won't be able to use the firearm as you'd hoped. 

3. Try to Remove the Choke Tubes

While you are inspecting the firearm, go ahead and try to remove the choke tubes. A firearm that has not been cared for properly will typically have issues with rust. Rust that builds up around the chokes will make them stick in place. If you attempt to remove the chokes and you are met with resistance, it's highly likely that this is the issue you're facing. Don't purchase a shotgun with this problem. Depending on the type of shotgun, you could spend just as much, if not more, to repair the rusted chokes, than the total cost of the used firearm. 

4. Try it On

Sure, a shotgun isn't a piece of attire. However, if you want to shoot with precision — you need to try the firearm on. When you test out the firearm, pay attention to whether or not it feels too short or too long. If it feels too short, you should think long and hard about the purchase, as it can be quite costly to have spacers added to the butt of the firearm. On the other hand, the process of cutting down the butt is often more cost-effective. 

You can use much of this knowledge to buy any type of used firearm, not just for shotguns. Contact services like Whittier Loan & Jewelry to learn more.

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