4 Fall 2019 Jewelry Trends

This fall, there are a lot of fun jewelry trends that are emerging that you can embrace and enjoy, so have some fun with your jewelry and embrace the latest fashion trends. 

Fall Jewelry Trend #1: Button Earrings

In the clothing world, 80s and 90s trends are coming back, such as oversized denim jackets, flared pants, and cheetah print. In the jewelry world, 80s and 90s trends are coming back as well. 

One of the jewelry trends that is re-emerging are button earrings. Button earrings are big, round flat earrings that look kind of like a button. They usually have bright and fun designs on them. This time around, instead of being paired with formal outfits, button earrings are being paired with casual t-shirt and jeans or t-shirt and leggings combination.  

Fall Jewelry Trend #2: Stone Earrings

Earrings made out of both natural and raw stones are coming back as well. This is a really fun and colorful jewelry trend, where raw stones that are not cut are being used in jewelry. Think dangle earrings with different colored stones. The stone earning trends look great with another trend that is coming back this fall, the oversized denim jacket.  

Fall Jewelry Trend #3: Mismatched Pearls

The truth is, most of the pearls that are pulled out of oysters are not perfect pearls. Embrace the imperfection of pearls with the fun mismatched or baroque pearl trend. Both pendant necklaces and drop earrings made from oversized and odd sized pearls are trending this fall. Pearls are always a classic jewelry option, and this trend of baroque pearls provides more fun ways to incorporate pearls into your everyday outfits.  

Fall Jewelry Trend #4: Chunky Chains

The choker has come back in style over the last few years, and now the classic plastic choker is getting a little fancy. This fall, chokers made out of extra-large chain links are coming back in style. The key to pulling off the chunky chain link is to keep it simple, going for gold or silver large chains. You don't need to jazz this look up with glitter or fancy add-on decorations. You need to keep this trend simple to pull it off. 

Embrace a few different jewelry trends this fall, such as button earrings, stone earrings, mismatched pearls, and chunky chains. You can find these fall fashion trends being embraced by small custom jewelry makers and big chain jewelry stores. Find a few unique pieces, and add them to your jewelry collection

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