3 Tips For Caring For Gold Jewelry This Summer

Gold jewelry gives your summer outfit a beautiful warm glow, but unfortunately, summertime is a popular time to experience damaged gold pieces. If you aren't careful, the necklace, ring, or bracelet you love so much could be hopelessly damaged, which is why a little effort could go a long way. Here are three tips for caring for gold jewelry this summer. 

1. Keep Pieces Clean

From summertime barbecues to art projects, there are a lot of ways that gold jewelry can become damaged during the summer months. Food particles can become lodged between the prongs of rings or smeared across bracelets or necklaces. It is important to keep pieces as clean as possible, which is why looking for a natural jewelry cleaner for sale is so important. 

Look around for jewelry cleaners that are designed to mesh well with your gold jewelry. Some varieties have simple trays that can be swished up and down to instantly clean your gold jewelry, while others come with fine brushes that make cleaning debris and oil off of jewelry a snap. Look for safe jewelry cleaner for sale in a store near you. 

2. Think About Your Surroundings

Losing your favorite gold necklace or having pieces stolen from you is also a risk, which is why it pays to be mindful of your surroundings. Think carefully about where you are, where you are going, and who could be paying attention to the things you have on your person. Avoid wearing high-end items in places where you would be alone with people you don't know, and never store jewelry in bags or backpacks you carry, which could be stolen on beaches or transit systems. 

3. Steer Clear of Swimming Pools

While gold is a very strong, and relatively nonreactive metal, the unfortunate truth is that chlorine can dissolve gold. Small portions of gold jewelry can be eaten away fast, such as the metal prongs of a wedding ring. To keep your gold jewelry safe, never wear it swimming, and be mindful of what kinds of products you are using to clean. 

Anytime you have gold jewelry that you need to keep safe, focus on being mindful of any changes present in the pieces. By carefully examining the pieces and watching out for problems, you can prevent issues in the long run. When you purchase new gold jewelry pieces, think about how easy they would be to keep in place, clean, and keep away from chlorine. For instance, some pieces like rings could be tricky to keep away from cleaners that could contain chlorine or abrasive surfaces. 

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