4 Fun Ways To Surprise Your Daughter With A Piece Of Mermaid Jewelry

Are you planning to gift your daughter with a piece of mermaid jewelry soon? If she is into mermaids, chances are that she is whimsical and loves surprises. Here are a few fun ways to surprise her with that piece of mermaid jewelry she has been wanting:

Get it Engraved

Getting the mermaid jewelry engraved before giving it to your daughter is a great way to surprise her, as she will not be expecting a customized piece that nobody else in the world has. If the piece is small, like a ring, you can have little hearts or stars engraved inside the band. If it is something bigger like a mermaid pendant that you are giving her, you can have her entire name engraved on the back of it. Engraving the mermaid jewelry will turn it into a keepsake that she can pass down to her own children later on in the future.

Wear it Yourself

Another fun way you can surprise your daughter is to wear the piece of mermaid jewelry that you are gifting her with. Place that necklace right on your neck, that ring on your finger, or that pendant on your chest and wear it in front of her until she notices it and comments on it. If she loves mermaids, she will likely make a comment of some sort about it. Once she does acknowledge the jewelry you can tease her about being jealous of it or hint that she might get one later, just before taking the jewelry off and letting her know that it is really for her!

Head to the Water

What better place to surprise your daughter with a piece of mermaid jewelry than at the beach? Pack a picnic, head to the ocean, and slip the jewelry into the beach bag where you can ask your daughter to find a towel or sunblock and find the jewelry instead. When the time is right, ask her to look for an item in your beach bag and she should find the jewelry sitting right on top. I the beach is not a possibility, consider a lake or river. Even the backyard or a local swimming pool will do the trick.

Make it a Set

If your daughter is especially fond of mermaids and has lots of mermaid items in their home, you can always surprise her by going big and getting her an entire mermaid jewelry set instead of just one piece. Choose a ring and pendant or a necklace and earring set, then pair the set with some mermaid hair clips or socks for bedtime. Scarves and nail decals are other fun options to consider.

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