Keep Your Custom Diamond Jewelry Looking Great With These Simple Tips

If you have made the choice to purchase a beautiful and unique piece of custom diamond jewelry, you will surely want to make sure that this piece remains looking as beautiful as the day you got it for many years to come. Thankfully, accomplishing this goal is not as difficult as some people may imagine. In fact, you can easily keep your custom diamond jewelry pieces looking amazing using just a few simple tips outline below. 

Avoid Touching The Diamonds Whenever Possible

While it can be tempting to run your fingers over your beautiful new diamonds in admiration, you should definitely resist giving in to this temptation. Diamonds are prone to collecting dust, debris, and even body oils that can leave them looking cloudy or hazy over the course of time. While you will need to have your diamond cleaned to remove debris and body oils from time to time, you can significantly reduce how often these stones need to be cleaned by refraining from touching them with your hands whenever possible.

Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned And Inspected

When the time does come to clean your custom diamond jewelry, this is a job that you will want to leave to the professionals. This is because even the gentlest jewelry cleaners on the market cannot compare to the steam cleaning and sonic cleaning technology that a professional jeweler will have at their disposal. These professional methods of cleaning your jewelry are both safe and extremely effective.

In addition to properly cleaning your custom jewelry, your jeweler can also take this opportunity to inspect your piece for any damage. Minor issues such as a loose stone or slightly bent setting can be quickly repaired in order to prevent major issues such as a lost diamond.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry When Coming Into Contact With Soaps Or Chemicals

Whether you are jumping in the shower or getting ready to do some household cleaning, you should always remove your diamond jewelry before coming into contact with soaps or chemicals. Over time, these chemicals can damage the surface of your jewelry and may negatively impact the clarity of your precious stones. When removing your jewelry, be sure to place it either in a jewelry dish or store it in a jewelry box, to avoid either misplacing it or allowing it to accidently come into contact with the chemicals you plan to use. 

For more information, contact a local jewler.

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