Earring Designs For Vegans

When you decide to become a vegan, you might be so proud of this dietary change that you wish to share it with others. Some vegans choose to wear clothing that features slogans about the diet that they follow, but another option is to choose specific pieces of jewelry to wear. When you browse an online jewelry shop, you'll often find a selection of earrings with designs that may appeal to vegans. Some designs will be subtle, while others will be more overt. You can evaluate the available options to decide what will suit your sense of style. Here are some earring designs for vegans.

Vegan Food

Depending on what online jewelry store you visit, you may see a selection of earrings that feature stylish depictions of vegan food. Earrings that feature vegetables can be a fun choice, and you can expect to see designs that depict eggplants, carrots, and other easily recognizable veggies. Some of these earrings will have bright colors, while others will feature more traditional hues — for example, an outline of a vegetable in which the entire earring has a silver color. You may have fun wearing colorful earrings to match certain colors of outfits, so keep this idea in mind when you shop.

Letter "V"

You'll commonly find a stylized version of the letter "V" used to represent a vegan diet. Often, this letter may incorporate a leaf shape or may appear in a circle. There are lots of different earrings on the market that depict this letter, which may be an idea that you favor if you don't want an earring design as overt as a food shape. Many V-shaped earrings have a classic, stylish look, which can make them a good choice when you get dressed up or choose jewelry to wear to work.


Another option that you'll see at a lot of jewelry stores is a set of earrings that feature leaf designs. While this design can be suitable for people who aren't necessarily vegans, it may be an appealing look for you once you begin to follow a plant-based diet because of how a leaf represents plants. You'll see leaf earrings in various shades of green, but there will often be other options for sale. For example, you may find delicate leaf-shaped pendants or studs in gold and silver hues that you feel excited to wear.

Visit an online jewelry shop to check out these and other earring designs for vegans.

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