3 Jewelry Repair Services That Are Often Included In Your Warranty Coverage

Most jewelers will either include or recommend that you purchase warranty coverage when purchasing a piece of fine jewelry. This is because, over the years, your new piece of jewelry is bound to require some maintenance and repairs in order to keep it looking its very best. Thankfully, this warranty coverage can make caring for your jewelry far more affordable. Unfortunately, many people fail to take full advantage of everything these warranties have to offer simply because they are unaware of all the services that are included. You can avoid making this same mistake by taking a moment to learn more about three of the jewelry repair services that are often included in your fine jewelry warranty coverage. 

#1: Cleaning And Polishing

Over the years, your jewelry is bound to get a few scuffs or scratches simply by wearing it while going about your daily tasks. These scuffs and scratches can often be repaired through a professional cleaning and polishing service. In some cases, deep scratches will need to be repaired by adding a thin layer of metal to the surface of the piece. Both of these types of jewelry repairs are often covered under warranty. However, you may be required to take your piece in for maintenance and inspection periodically in order to try and prevent more serious scratches from forming in order for these repairs to be fully covered by your warranty protection. 

#2: Prong Tightening And Re-Tipping

If your jewelry has precious stones, you will need to ensure that the settings for these stones remain tight in order to prevent a gem from being lost. The most effective way to do this is to have the prongs on your setting tightened from time to time. As your jewelry ages, you may also need to have a process known as re-tipping completed. This simply involves adding a very small amount of metal to the ends of each prong in order to ensure a tight fit. These jewelry repair services are also commonly covered by warranty protection. However, some jewelers will charge a small fee for the metal that is used in the re-tipping process. 

#3: Clasp Repair Or Replacement

If the clasp on your necklace, bracelet, or earrings breaks or becomes loose, you may find yourself unable to wear your beloved jewelry without the risk of it falling off. Thankfully, repairs or replacement of any broken or otherwise damaged clasps are not only quick and easy, but they are almost always covered under your warranty.

Reach out to a jewelry repair shop for more information.

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