Ready To Look At Engagement Rings But Clueless Where To Start? What To Know Today

If you think that getting married is in your near future but first you need to find a ring, there are some things that you want to consider before you make this big purchase. This will be a piece of jewelry that the person will be wearing for the rest of their lives, so you must be sure it's the right fit. Here are some important details to think about.

Cost and Budget

There are a lot of factors that will go into the cost of the ring. Things that will impact what the ring costs include:

  • Type of stone
  • Clarity and cut of the stone
  • Band material
  • Setting that the stone is in
  • Size of the stone
  • Custom or premade

When you have figured out what type of ring you want, you want to set a budget for yourself. Take into consideration your monthly bills, debts, the costs for the wedding, and what your salary is in comparison to your savings account. Only about 7 percent of Americans spend more than $10,000 for a ring.

Type of Stone

Diamonds aren't the only option when you are shopping for an engagement ring. Choosing the right gemstone to meet your future financial personality is important. When picking the stone, the size, clarity, weight, type of cut, and rarity will all impact how much that stone will cost. Some options in contrast to a typical diamond include:

  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Emerald
  • Aquamarine
  • Moissanite

If you think that your future spouse would like something non-traditional, these are all great options for you to consider.

Engagement Band

If you choose a ring that is already put together then you won't have to choose the band, the band will already be chosen with the stone. If you are custom designing a ring, then you will have to choose between traditional gold, white gold, sterling silver, or other metals that the jeweler has. Size is adjustable, but you will want to try to figure out what size you think your fiancé is.

Set your budget before you start ring shopping, and then see what is in your budget to buy when you get to the different jewelers and see what is available. Talk with the jewelry about the types of jewelry pieces your future spouse currently wears, what their style is, and what you have in mind for this piece of jewelry they will wear for a lifetime.   

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